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Achieve Your Goals

Easy to follow lessons in online marketing

Online Business Fundamentals

Step #1 in building an online marketing ecosystem

Organizing The World's Information

A complete guide to Google, the world's most popular search engine

Online Competitive Analysis

Identify strengths and weaknesses of competitors to outperform them

Site Architecture & Navigation

Optimizing user experience and search engine performance

Technical Optimization

Step-by-step page specific and site-wide optimization techniques

Keyword Analysis

Learn how to say all the right things through incredible research

Highly Optimized Content

How to plan, create, optimize and market every type of content

Social Network Engagement

Become a popular authority and reap the benefits

The Link Building Game

How to win when the rules keep changing

Locally Optimized

A marketing blueprint for local business success

and more...

Learn step-by-step processes for all aspects of online marketing. This is what agencies charge thousands and thousands of dollars for. The SEO Effect tells you exactly how to do everything yourself. Agencies use these lessons to train new hires and manage them effectively. At just $1,599, a Premium Membership at The SEO Effect is your ticket to everything. Step into the light. Start doing things right. Make success easy. Get access now!
As technologies and trends continue to evolve, so too must your strategies. Therefore, all of the recommendations and lessons found throughout are continuously updated to reflect the current state of high performance online marketing. So, when you hear about an Algorithm update, new tool or run across a new and perplexing situation, will be your primary resource to get the information you need to succeed.
Our entire series of eBooks are available to members of and individually available for sale through Amazon Kindle. The eBooks provide a theoretical overview of the subject matter and high level overview of the steps involved and how to allocate the appropriate resources to each strategy.
Videos are provided to support many of the individual lessons offered at Some videos are simply a high level overview or summary of the written materials found in the eBooks. Other videos offer step-by-step instructions for how to actually implement our strategies and get results for your online business.
Each eBook is offered as an MP3 download to listen and learn while on the go!
While we feel it is incredibly important to understand the theories behind why things work the way they do, in the end only solid implementation will actually move the needle. Step-by-Step instruction for implementation is offered to members of to ensure that you and/or your team is able to actually implement the strategies and produce bottom line results.
Worksheets and Excel templates are offered to help support some of the important SEO tasks recommended throughout These include: Goal Setting, Customer & Market Analysis, Competitive Analysis, ROI Projections, Keyword Research, Sitemap Planning, Keyword Assignment, Editorial Calendar, Writing Assignments, Social Profile Bios, Link Partner Evaluations and more.
There are many fantastic tools available to help every aspect of your online marketing. These tools can help you evaluate your SEO, monitor rankings, gather specialized analytics and visitor data, monitor and streamline social media management, track your competitors strategies, build links, even find, track and engage key influencers within your industry. At we are constantly evaluating tools so that we can compare them to others and make recommendations on how to implement, use and maximize the benefits each tool provides.
You have questions. We have answers. FAQ sections accompany every lesson to address all of the most common questions we receive. For many people, these become the go-to resource when you have a question and just need an answer with links to deeper materials. If you can't find what you're looking for in the FAQs, submit your question and we'll get back to you ASAP.
The newsletter offers a weekly summary of everything that has been happening within and in the world of online marketing in general. For serious online marketers it is an essential digest of everything that you must know to consider yourself up to date with the ever evolving landscape of online marketing.
For companies that are looking for an expert consultant to work with on an individual basis or in a group training environment, offers both on-site and webinar based training to get your and your team up to speed, on the right track and actively moving toward your goals. Training and consulting services can be offered either per project or based on a monthly retainer. Simply use the contact us form to give us some details about your organization and goals and we will get back to you ASAP.
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The mysteries of online marketing are about to unravel before you...

the SEO effect turns complex and powerful strategies into simple steps for success

There are nearly a billion websites and trillions of webpages currently online. It would be impossible for any average person to navigate the web if not for search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. Of course search engines are not the only source of traffic to a website. Direct traffic from online and offline advertising, partner sites, referring sites, email marketing and mobile strategies all play an important role. But, the fact is, 87% of internet users turn to search engines to find things online, and, Google controls 84% of the search market.

Companies that invest in SEO consistently report a higher ROI from SEO than any other marketing strategy. But that data is somewhat misleading because SEO isn't a single strategy. Search engines use hundreds of different factors to find, categorize and score websites. Then, they deliver search results based on which sites seem to be the most relevant, authoritative and important for a given keyword phrase. Therefore, a commitment to SEO efforts will actually lead you to a more well rounded web strategy.

It is also important to understand that, as technologies rapidly evolve, search engines are evolving along with them. Search engines are now returning much more dynamic content in search results that ever before. In addition to the traditional pages of links, we are seeing rich snippets, local business listings, maps, products, videos, news articles, app recommendations, knowledge graph data, social influence, personalization and more. However, what isn't changing is that people still use search engines (in all of their forms) to find whatever they need online.

What You Must Know about SEO

What SEO isn't

SEO isn't a bag of tricks, it isn't a switch that you can flip, and it isn't a one time thing that you can put in place and forget about... not anymore. SEO isn't something that you can do as an afterthought. SEO isn't just one thing, it doesn't live in one place and rarely can it be the responsibility of just one person.

What SEO is

SEO is what unifies your online marketing. SEO is a special set of considerations that direct your processes, from start to finish, to ensure your online strategies get maximum exposure and attract the right audience.

What the SEO effect will help you do

  • Out strategize your competitors
  • Focus on your target audience more effectively
  • Optimize the code and content of your site
  • Create highly optimized content for the web
  • Market your content through multiple channels
  • Grow large communities in social networks
  • Be seen as a leading authority in your field
  • Achieve top rankings for important keywords
  • Get more traffic to your website
  • Achieve higher conversion rates.
  • Increase lifetime customer value
  • Turn customers into brand ambassadors

What happens next...

By signing up for the online courses available here at you will learn what it takes to have the #1 website in your industry, niche or market.

If you implement just some of the principles and strategies in these courses, your web presence will improve. If you implement all of them, you will dominate! 

Sign up now and let help you achieve your goals through simple step-by-step instructions!