Optimizing User Experience and Search Engine Performance

Would you like to know what one thing that impacts your website more than any other? Have you ever wondered what is the first element Google looks at on a webpage? Do you want to know what one element shapes the user experience on your site more than any other? The answer is site architecture.

Your site architecture has tremendous impact on how well site visitors and search engines understand your site. Your site architecture is the foundation of your website. It can literally make or break your site. It can create clear paths for information and ensure that there is purpose to every step in the user journey.

Principals covered in this course:

  • Information Architecture: The information architecture of a website is the way that the content has been categorized. It is the framework used to present the information. This is most clearly evidenced by the URL structure of every page. This will be a significant focus of this course.
  • Navigation: Navigation is the way you present the structure of your website to visitors. Your site navigation goes a long way to defining the user experience on your site. However, because navigation consists of link structure, and links pass page rank, the navigation elements of your website also influence what the search engines will see as your most important pages.

Structuring Your Website For Success

In this course you will be taken through a process that is guaranteed to produce a sitemap for an information architecture that will outperform all of your top competitors. This course will help you understand how to build navigation that will streamline your user experience, support your conversion funnels and optimize your link flow. Your site architecture is the foundation for your web presence and through this course you are about to develop a rock solid foundation. Your path to success online is about to become much more clear.

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