The backlink profile for your website (and each individual page) is estimated to account for roughly 40% of Google’s ranking algorithm. Of course that 40% can be further broken up into dozens of different individual considerations, but the point is… links pointing to your page are a big part of getting to the top of Google’s rankings. We will be reviewing this topic in depth in other lessons. It was important to mention at this point in the content marketing course that links are a big part of getting the rankings you want. But let's keep focused on other aspects of creating content that will get lots of great backlinks.

In the course “Guide To Google - Organizing The World's Information” we took a deep look at Google’s algorithm and how links affect your rankings.

In the course “The Link Building Game – How To Win When The Rules Keep Changing” we will take a deep dive into the various strategies you can use to increase the quantity and quality of links pointing to your content.

Later in this course, in the section on Content Marketing, we will get into specific strategies that you will want to start using to promote your content (and build links) every time you push new content live.

There is talk about the day when Google will no longer consider links as a ranking factor, but that day is far into the future, if it ever comes. So, for the time being, just know that the quality and quantity of links pointing to your website and each individual page are very, very important.

The Key Takeaway?

Backlinks Are Important!

Next Of course, as you are creating content it will be very important to consider your goals and the engagement metrics that your content must support.

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