This section provides lists of strategies, websites and tools that can be used to help with various aspects of content marketing and syndication.

Go to Google and search for: “Keyword” + “Submit Article”

Google will return a list of webpages that include both your keyword and the term “submit article”. This is a great way to build a network of sites where you can syndicate your content. The following list of terms can be substituted for “Submit Article” to find great places to submit content and get links:

  • “Add Article”
  • “Add Guest Post”
  • “Guest Bloggers Wanted”
  • “Guest Posts Roundup”
  • “Write for Us”
  • “Submit a Guest Post”
  • “Submit and Article”
  • “Guest Post”
  • “Guest Post Guidelines”
  • “Become and Author”
  • “Become a Contributor”
  • “Submit a Blog Post”
  • “Suggest a Blog Post”
  • “Submit Link”

  • Here is a large list of websites that you can submit your blog post to:

    Note: If submitting an article for the purpose of link building, do not submit that same article to more than a few sites. Do not mass submit articles for link building using optimized anchor text links or you will risk getting penalized by Google. However, if your article either uses navigational links (that is links that use the URL as the anchor text of the link) or if your articles have no links at all, then submitting them to article directories is an acceptable way to get your content our there.

    Note that you should never use optimized anchor text when submitting an article to an article directory. Navigational links (such as the URL you are actually linking to) are acceptable, although the best use of these article sites may simply be through co-citation where the topic is being discussed along side your brand, but no links are included.

    Paid Blog Syndication Sites

    • With Outbrain Amplify, links to your content appear as recommendations on the web's largest content publishers including sites like Wall Street Journal, Reuters & and more. Plus, Outbrain optimizes on engagement so the more interesting your content and the more traffic you drive, the more you will be recommended around the web.

    • Similar to OutBrain, Zemanta recommends your content to a diverse group of websites and networks and brings new readers to your site.

    • Taboola displays your articles, slideshows, and videos to the right users, on the most innovative publishers in the world, and inviting them to click and consume it on your site, YouTube channel, or micro-site.

    • nRelate helps Publishers give their readers an easy way to find more great content from within their site or from around the web, while Marketers get their content in front of highly engaged readers.

    By Submitting Your Content

    To All Of The Applicable Sites Above

    Your Site Will Look Like An Market Leader! least to search engines :)

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