How, When & Why to use

Inforgraphics are just images that combine information and imagery, typically in the form of a PDF, JPG or PNG. Infographics are an incredibly popular medium for everything from summarizing reports to providing instructions.

Features and Functions

Infographics are used to convey ideas, data, statistics or information about how things work.

SEO Checklist

  • It is important to remember that Google cannot see any of the information within the image itself. Therefore, in the eyes of the search engines, infographics are just images. In order to convey the meaning and information within the infographic to search engines you must include the same mark-up and optimization techniques that you would use with any image. (See Image Optimization
  • The information that is being conveyed within the infographic itself should also appear in written form on the page so that search engines can give your page credit for the information and you can earn top search engine rankings for the page. As always, you must build links

Marketing, Syndication, Distribution, Social Engagement

Infographics should be promoted in all of the same ways as described in the Image Optimization strategy.

  • Submitted to every relevant Infographic Syndication site.
  • Post to Social profiles and groups.
  • Promote your infographics on Facebook, Twitter and possibly LinkedIn as promoted posts.
  • Email your infographic to any journalists or bloggers that cover your niche.
  • Promote the infographic in your newsletter.

Follow This Plan and Watch Your

Infographics Go Viral!

Next In the next lesson we will talk about how to get the most out of what is arguably the most powerful online marketing medium