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Videos are the most engaging and popular form of entertainment content online, and have the ability to provide the most engaging information type of content online, if done well.

Features and Functions

Most companies should have the following videos:

  • Explainer video about what the site is and how to use it.
  • Explainer video about the brand.
  • A video made specifically to reach out to your target market and show a connection to your company.
  • Explainer videos about how to use the products and services.
  • Testimonial videos.

SEO Checklist

Optimize videos with the following strategies.

  • Use keywords when naming the video and in the description.
  • Use a video hosting service such as (most recommended) or to host your videos. This will allow your site to get credit for the video content. If you just host the video on YouTube or Vimeo, then your site is not getting credit as the content originator.
  • If you use, they have protocol for setting up Video SEO where your videos will automatically be optimized with embed code that utilizes markup and creates a video sitemap for you. The service is incredible. You can also update or change vidoes without having to change the embed code on your site. Highly recommended!
  • Use the following markup
  • <div itemprop="video" itemscope itemtype="">
    <h2>Video: <span itemprop="name">Title</span></h2>
    <meta itemprop="duration" content="T1M33S" />
    <meta itemprop="thumbnailUrl" content="thumbnail.jpg" />
    <meta itemprop="contentURL" content="" />
    <meta itemprop="embedURL" content="" />
    <meta itemprop="uploadDate" content="2011-07-05T08:00:00+08:00" />
    <meta itemprop="expires" content="2012-01-30T19:00:00+08:00" />
    <object ...>
    <param ...>
    <embed type="application/x-shockwave-flash" ...>
    <span itemprop="description">Video description</span>
  • Include the transcript for the video in written text on the page. This can be pushed within an expandable div to maintain the integrity of the page design, as long as it is obvious to users that the transcript is available.
  • If a transcript is out of the question, at least include 500-1,000 words of content that covers the information conveyed in the video. Make sure that this written content is optimized using the strategies for static content optimization.
  • Make sure to build on-site links to the video from relevant pages.
  • Make sure that your video is added to your sites video sitemap and that the sitemap has been submitted to Google.

Marketing, Syndication, Distribution, Social Engagement

Optimize your videos using the following off-site strategies.

  • A few days after the video has gone live on your site, post the video to every video syndication site.
  • Post to your social profiles.
  • Promote the video on Facebook using targeted ads.

Use This Optimization Strategy For Videos

And Watch Your Rankings Rise!

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