Online businesses are not burdened by physical limitations. You can market an online business to anyone anywhere in the world. This ability to easily reach a worldwide audience gives you an incredible opportunity for success. However, (and here is where reality slaps you in the face) you are virtually the exact same distance from your customers as everyone else in the world.

The truth is, the Internet has not created a larger market. The Internet has consolidated the worldwide market and made the challenge of standing out from the crowd more important than ever. With an online business you are competing with the businesses next door, down the street and from every city in every state and country in the world. You are competing for the attention, interest and belief of your customers… and the competition is fierce.

Your online business must be easy to find. 87% of people use search engines to find what they are looking for online. Therefore, high search engine rankings can be your strongest source of inbound traffic. However, to outrank your competitors in search engines you must be outperforming them in all of the key metrics that are used to create SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

In addition to outranking your competitors in search engines, you must stay in front of your customers everywhere they spend their time online. That means content marketing, social network strategies, participating in forums, directories, contributing to popular blogs, knowledge bases, ad campaigns, and more.

Finally, your site must be able to convert visitors into customers. You must therefore provide an on-site user experience that has outperformed your competitors at every stage along the way, and delivers everything your customer was hoping for.

The good news is that when it comes to online marketing, there are tools and resources that can help you find, follow and track every metric necessary to have a complete picture of exactly what each and every one of your competitors are doing online. This allows you to clearly understand how much success your competitors are having, and what metrics and strategies are driving that success.

In this course you will learn to identify who your online competitors really are, how much traffic they are driving to their website through search engines, advertising and other sources. You will learn how to run a full site analysis and content audit so that you can identify how much relevant content your competitors have created and how that information is being presented. You will learn to run ranking reports, backlink reports, AdWords campaign reports and gather social data on any competitor.

This information will effectively give you a roadmap to success. It will let you know exactly what you must do, how you must do it and what level of success you can reasonably expect to achieve.

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