Bulleted and numbered lists draw special attention from search engines because they are typically used to call out content that is of particular importance. Therefore, if you can find a way to work a bulleted or numbered list into your content, do it! And make sure that you use the keywords that have been assigned to the page. This will reinforce the relevance of your content to those keywords in the eyes of the search engines.

Code for a Bulleted List:

<ul> <li>Point Number One</li> <li>Point Number Two</li> <ul> <li>First Sub-Point</li> <li>Second Sub-Point </li> <li>Third Sub-Point </li> </ul> <li>Point Number Three</li> <li>Point Number Four</li> </ul>

It will actually look like this

  • Point Number One
  • Point Number Two
    • First Sub-Point
    • Second Sub-Point
    • Third Sub-Point
  • Point Number Three
  • Point Number Four

Code for a Numbered List:

<ol> <li>Point One</li> <li>Point Two</li> <li>Point Three</li> </ol>

It will actually look like this

  1. Point One
  2. Point Two
  3. Point Three

So, that solves the mystery of

Bulleted and Numbered Lists!

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